About Me

So you’re probably asking, “Why the horse?”Me&Teddy

There are many reasons, but first and foremost, I am an avid equestrian. I have loved horses for as long as I can remember and faithfully asked my parents every year for a pony at Christmas. (How’s that for dedication?) It wasn’t until I was a parent of my own little ones before my dream was realized. I have been happily riding for over 20 years now.

The other reason for the horse is that it demonstrates my dedication and commitment to excellence. Being an equestrian you have to be committed to improving your riding (being the best you can be), you have to be committed to your teammate (your horse) and he or she to you. And you both have to be committed to making your team successful. To me, that is the perfect analogy of what it means to have a great virtual assistant/client relationship…or any relationship. All three things must be present for the relationship to be a success. Whether I’m competing at a horse show or I’m partnering with my clients in their newest ventures, my commitment and dedication are an essential and integral part of me and how I work.

My Life

Mindy_Bowman1I am a happily married mother of seven kids: four girls and three boys (most of them grown and on their own). We are a blended family that fits together like a big, beautiful puzzle. Along with Bold (a feisty Arabian who is now enjoying retirement) and Teddy (a rescued Thoroughbred who loves applesauce), I have two other four-legged critters that I adore…Nimbus (a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who thinks the world is one big playground), and Lucy (a Jack Russell Terrier who hunts anything that moves). You can imagine there is a lot of zooming around and barking in my house…and sometimes that includes the dogs! 😉

In between my family,  riding and business commitments, I am a very active volunteer in my church and other community organizations.

My Clients

There is something magical that happens when a horse and rider click. They become one, seamless team harnessing all that power to make their ride look effortless. It takes a lot of trust for this magic to happen, which is why the relationship I have with my clients works so well.  I trust them and they trust me. If you are trustworthy and honorable, value relationships, have big goals, realize you can’t do and get everything you want by yourself, don’t take yourself too seriously, think laughter is important, and can financially afford a VA (because a good assistant is invaluable), then we need to talk! And if you love horses or work with horses in your practice then we REALLY need to talk! When you realize that good enough just isn’t going to cut it anymore, it’s time to call an expert. Are you ready to make your business and life look effortless?

More Good Stuff

I was recently featured on AssistU’s VA Spotlight! Here is the interview I had with Anastacia Brice and it explains more about who I am and why I do what I do!

Want to know more about me then visit My Background page. For a complete list of services check out my How I Can Help page.

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