My Background

2013HondurasTripWhen I think back on every job I’ve ever had, I realize it’s prepared me for where I am today.  From my very first job preparing tacos at Zantigo where I first learned about customer service to my most recent position with a large aerospace manufacturer where I experienced working with million dollar projects and even larger customers, my knowledge has grown and my skills have been honed.

Even experience I’ve gained as a volunteer has expanded my abilities. It never ceases to amaze me how much you can learn when you’re working to help others. Want to do something really fun and cool? Then be a volunteer. It’s like this magic door to the land of opportunity opens when you tell someone you’re willing to work for free! 😉

My work history also includes co-owning a successful commercial furniture and flooring business grossing over $20 million in annual sales. Unfortunately, we were one of the casualties of the fall-out from 9/11 and while that may seem really sad, it did lead me down the path to some other great opportunities. I’ve worked for a small not-for-profit as an event coordinator where I secured over $1 million in donations and proceeds.   And more recently as an executive assistant for several C-level executives as well as a demand/program manager and an export control officer where I established processes and procedures for an effective and efficient export control process resulting in reduced costs and error-free exports.

My Strengths

As a VA there is a long list of qualities and capabilities that are part of my wheel house and I’m extremely good at doing all of them. But these things stand above all the rest.

  • Leadership/Planning – Coming up with a plan and then implementing that plan is something I do naturally without even thinking about it. Whether it’s planning my day to efficiently maximize my time and travels or planning a very large, fundraising social event, I relish seeing the process and results of my plan come to fruition.
  • Organization – It has come in very handy during the times when I’ve had to organize large groups of people and departments in the corporate world as well as my own, large family. Setting up systems, policies and procedures are things I completely enjoy.
  • Time Management – Being efficient is extremely important to me. I want to maximize my time as much as possible out of my business life as well as my personal life. Getting up each day with a full to-do list and completing those tasks on time or early gives me a huge sense of satisfaction.
  • Graphic Design – I like to make things pretty and I have an eye for what looks good. With the advent of computer graphics and desktop design programs I have realized that making things look good should be as much as part of the process as creating the content. Websites, marketing materials, logos, t-shirts, trade show graphics, branding and even artwork that’s created to be art…all of this type of work gives me a great thrill and fulfillment that I’ve created something useful and beautiful.
  • Social Media – I have become quite good at working the system. Setting up a program to plan posts/tweets/blogs and track what is being said about a particular brand or person in an efficient manner involving as little time as possible is imperative in this second-by-second world. By using different programs and apps to hit all the major players I can monitor and update many different social platforms at the same time.

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