My Process


As an equestrian, it is imperative that my horse and I are compatible. We need to “get” each other. There has to be mutual trust, communication, and understanding…we have to be a team. Without that sense of teamwork, the wrong things happen.

My job as the rider is to get my horse to the sweet spot in front of the jump. There, he can launch his 1,200-pound body into the air and get all of his legs and feet out of the way so that he can make the hurdle. My horse’s job is to jump and land on the other side.

As with people, no horse is “one size fits all”. Before committing to being part of the team, there is a process required to make sure the rider and horse are compatible and that each will be able to fulfill their duties to the team. Compatibility is crucial so that each one can do what they do best while loving every minute of the ride.

So goes with me and my clients. For an excellent and fulfilling, long-term partnership to happen, the team members (that’s you and me) need to see how and if the fit is a good one.

In that vein, I use a four-step process to help you as my potential client and me understand how we each work, think, communicate, etc. We complete the process via three different calls at three different times and a short assessment.

How the Process Works

  • The first step is a short, 15-minute, get acquainted call. It’s a little like having a quick cup of coffee with a friend. We don’t talk about business, but we do see if our conversation flows naturally. Since we will be working virtually, being able to communicate effortlessly is key.
  • The second step is a short assessment that takes less than five minutes to complete. I will send you a link to it after the first call. It will help us better prepare for the calls that follow.
  • The third step is a 60-minute call where we talk about your business, what you need as a client and how I can help you fulfill those needs. We discuss where you are stuck, where you see your business going and any other details that are important to know about how your company operates. I’ll also share how I run my business, and answer any questions you may have about that.
  • The last step is a 60 to 90-minute call where we discuss the deeper things to see if there is anything that might get in the way of having a successful relationship. We will discuss things such as boundaries, standards, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and equality.

At the end of each step, we both decide whether the process will continue; my process is designed to help each of us know if a working relationship would be successful.

Once the process is completed and we have decided to move forward and establish our relationship as a team, I will send out a welcome packet that you will need to complete. With the return of the completed welcome packet, we will go through the set-up process. It will ensure we can hit the ground running and are ready for the next jumps…as a team.